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Become a Warrior. 

We are dedicated to bringing you the most practical knowledge in Self-Defense, Sport Combat, and Performance-based martial arts. 


Stamina and Power

Boxing is a highly practical martial art for self defense and coincidentally an amazing way to get into shape with a full body workout! Learn to knockout your fears and unwanted excess calories at the same time!

Kali Escrima Stick Fighting

Practical Self Defence

Kali Escrima is a Filipino martial art that specializes in the uses of stick fighting. While simple, the stick is an extremely effective weapon for self defense against both armed and unarmed attackers. Training in Kali will also allow you to develop a great sense of awareness and enhance your reaction speeds.

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Wing Chun

Unlimted by Tradition

Wing Chun is the only martial art to be invented by a woman and is known for its quick, direct and efficient movements. Wing Chun was also Bruce Lee's first official martial art style. At VFC we teach an untraditional modern form of Wing Chun unrestricted by lineage. Wing Chun is currently only offered by private coaching basis.

Kids Martial Arts

Start them Young!

Martial Arts is an amazing extracurricular activity for kids of all ages and a fun way to encourage hand-eye coordination, mental discipline, and all-over confidence!

Performance Weapons

Coordination and Agility

Performance-based martial arts are focused on what looks the flashiest and coolest rather than works the best for combat. 


Always wanted to learn how to use a sword? Spin a staff? Swing around nunchucks?  We got you covered! 


Private Martial Arts Training

Customized to You

Not sure which martial art to commit to? Want to learn specific techniques from a certain style? In private martial arts training, we will work together to develop an Individually customized training program for you to learn exactly what you want to learn for your martial arts goals.

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