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Private Coaching

At Vigilante Fitness, we believe that every session with us is an education. Working 1-on-1 with a coach in private allows for even greater attention to detail, which in turn, promotes faster success. 


Private Training with our coaches is uniquely customized towards your strengths and limitations, to bring you towards your goals. Whatever they may be, we look forward to hitting them, together.


Customized Fitness Goals

Become Your Own Hero

No more fantasizing, it is time to make those dreams a reality.
Should your interest involve a mix of the areas we coach, we can custom-build a plan that works for you; whether that be learning how to

muscle-up or building a targeted physique.

If you come in with pre-existing aches or old injuries, we'll work towards pain-free movement, plus your fitness goals.   

Our Coaches are here with you, hand-in-hand, to pave a plan that will help you evolve into the person you've always wanted to be!


Pre/Post Natal

Train for Pregnancy, Childbirth, and Parenthood

Each pregnancy experience is unique and personal. Prepare for the "Event of a Lifetime" with our ProNatal certified Training Specialist who uses an evidence-based "Performance Training Approach" to support you as you navigate your fitness journey across all stages of pregnancy.
Here at Vigilante Fitness, we also believe in prepping you to be injury-proofed for daily movements once Bub is out and about! This includes better posturing for breastfeeding, tips on holding baby to avoid "mother's hand", and building the right muscle memory for placing Bub in the crib, without risking an achy back.

Whether it is strengthening your pelvic floor, postnatal core recovery, or a safe return to training, we are here to guide you towards your goals. 


Kids Playing Soccer

Kids/Youth Fitness

Encourage your Little One's Passion

From ages 4 to 18, our Coaches are experienced in making training fun for your little one, as well as growing the passion in competitive youth.

improving balance, accuracy, and reaction time, to developing fine motor skills and conquering fears, our patient coaches observe what motivates your little one and help them develop confidence in their athletic abilities. 

Psst. We also help parents with little ones who are "home-bodies" find joy in "playing" outdoors. Training doesn't always need to seem formal for one to develop strength and agility. *wink*

For youths in team sports, we give them the attention that the group setting may miss. We offer everything from strength conditioning to increase performance and injury-proof their bodies, to teaching the importance of smart recovery for hard-working youth athletes.

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More areas we privately coach:

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