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What should I wear to training sessions?

Comfortable running/training shoes are a must in order to protect your feet and prevent against injury.

Clothing wise, feel free to wear tops and pants you are comfortable with jumping, stretching, and laying down in. For outdoor workouts, train in something you are okay with getting a little dirty. 

Most importantly, don't forget a towel and water bottle!

What types of equipment do I need?

Our coaches will provide all the necessary equipment. For those with at-home programs, you honestly don't need much equipment for a good workout! We try our best to incorporate exercises that require little to no equipment. Should your situation differ, our coaches are happy to discuss and suggest the best value for function tools. 

For Martial Arts Classes, weapons and equipment will be initially provided during the trial period. Clients should purchase their own training tools once they decide to commit. 

Where do you conduct training?

We like to bring people closer to nature and mainly conduct classes outdoors.

While all group classes will occur in outdoor parks, private training can be arranged indoors or outdoors at a location most convenient for you. 

Common Locations for our training sessions include Happy Valley Race Course and Victoria Park. 

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