Misty Slopes


We believe in building a strong connection with our clients through consistent communication and improvement. Below is some feedback from those we've connected with.

Over the course of two years, not only did Adrian and Kaity teach me more about martial arts than I ever could've wanted, but they also became some of the best friends I've ever had. 

- Devin P.

“Adrian has been my friend for a very long time. Being martial arts enthusiasts, we have shared our interests and perspectives with each other over many years. This only serves to strengthen our love and commitment towards the study of various combative styles. I feel extremely honoured to be the first Kali student of Adrian and Kaity, a couple who not only married each other but managed to marry their passions to their careers. Always be water my friend: have no limits as your only limit.”

- Victor L

Both Adrian and Kaity were qualified and attentive trainers. They provided me tailored strength training with cardio. After few months training, I have been losing my body fat and building a good body shape. 

- Sunny C